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The Islamic Center of Laramie is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide spiritual guidance and educational services about the Islamic faith to the Muslim community in Wyoming and to the public at large. We also offer a range of social services that include counseling, marital services and funeral prayers. Another central component of the center's mission is to further dialogue and understanding between different faiths and cultures. The center is therefore involved in interfaith initiatives in town.

Eid Al-Fitir, 2015, will be
Friday Jualy 17th, th, 2015, Insha'Allah.
Eid Mubarak!

2015 here.

8:30Eid Prayer
9:30Breakfast (Potluck - please bring your authentic Eid breakfast dish to share)
11:15Kids/Women Program (Toys will be given to all kids plus possible bouncy castle)
1:15Dhuher Prayer

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